NETW 204 Week 6 Homework IPv6


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NETW 204 Week 6 Homework IPv6


1.Given the following IPv6 address: 2008:0000:05A3:0000:0000:00FB:0C7A:FE29/64. Simply the address to be optimal in IPv6 (rewrite the address to be the shortest possible IPv6 equivalent address). Explain what you did. (10 points)

2.Given the diagram below. Assume the IPv6 prefix is 2005:007D:4500:000C::/64. Find the IPv6 EUI addresses for computers A and B. Show all your work. Do not just copy and paste the final answer to avoid losing points. (20 Points)Computer A’s IPv6 EUI Address is:

Computer B’s IPv6 EUI Address is:

3.The following IPv6 prefix, 2009:0000:00AF::/48, was assigned to ABC Corporation. You are required to subnet the given network to use a /64 subnet mask. Find the first 15 IPv6 subnets. List the subnets below, one subnet per line. (15 points)


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